Savings Accounts

Savings Account

Just $5.00 opens your BRECO FCU Share account and establishes your lifetime membership and ownership in the credit union. Some of the benefits are:

  • Dividends credited quarterly on average daily balances of $25.00.

  • Only a $5.00 minimum balance requirement.

  • No service fees or charges.

  • Convenient deposit through payroll deduction, direct deposit, and at over 5,000 Shared Branching /credit union service centers nationwide.

  • Convenient withdrawals through ATMs, Shared Branching service centers, and checks mailed to you.

  • Free 24-hour telephone banking (audio response): 225-273-1529 or 1-800-361-1631 option 1.

  • Free Internet Home Banking.

  • Free e-Statements.

  • Family membership.

Christmas Club Account

Enjoy the holidays without worry. You can have a designated amount of money from your paycheck go directly into your Christmas Club account for easy saving or you can make over-the-counter deposits anytime. Estimate the amount of what you spent last year during the holidays, divide by the number of months until October, and that is a good guess of how much you need to tuck away for the holidays!

  • In early October, a check will be mailed or the money can be transferred to your share account.

  • Money can be deposited anytime into the account or you can conveniently deposit through payroll deduction or set up an auto-transfer.

  • Dividends credited quarterly on average daily balances of $25.00.

Minor Share Account

This special youth account acts just like a regular savings account at Breco FCU but is specially designed for young members.

  • To join, you need to be age 17 or under.

  • Have a valid social security number and have a joint owner on the account (a parent or grandparent).

  • Each time a deposit is made, you can pick a prize!

  • Dividends credited quarterly on average daily balances of $25.00.

  • Parents can make deposits through payroll deduction or transfer online to account.