Mobile Money


We are extremely proud to provide our members with our FREE Mobile Banking service… MOBILE MONEY! Providing the Information You Need… When You Need It!

MOBILE MONEY is our mobile service that brings banking to your phone. It’s the ultimate on-demand service that keeps you in control. MOBILE MONEY allows you to monitor your account from your phone at any time or anywhere! Receive alerts, view accounts, even transfer funds whenever you need to. You decide how you'll use it! Request a text message be sent if your balance falls below $50. Or when your direct deposit is in your account!

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  • View Account Balances

  • View Transaction History

  • Transfer Funds

  • Even Pay Your Bills!

  • And Receive Text Alerts

GETTING STARTED - Enroll in Mobile Money:

It will provide you with a great overview of the service and an excellent step-by-step enrollment process.

Anyone currently using our FREE Online Banking service is eligible to enroll in MOBILE MONEY.

  • Don't Have our FREE Online Banking serviceCLICK HERE; Then go to Enroll Online. Then continue below.

  • Have Online Banking: LOG ON to your Online Banking account at BRECO. Click on the Self Service tab; Then select MOBILE MONEY and then SIGN UP. Make sure you have your phone handy.

  • QUESTIONS? PROBLEMS? Call us: 225-273-1529.

How Do I Access Mobile Money?

Once you enroll for Mobile Money, you'll receive a text message with instructions on how to get started.

Can I Use Mobile Money on More Than One Phone?

Yes. You can add phones, change services or cancel at any time from the Mobile Money setup screen.

What Phones are Supported for Mobile Money?

Any phone with text messaging capabilities can take advantage of Mobile Money.

My Phone Doesn't Have Internet Access. Can I Still Use Mobile Money?

Yes. All you need is a phone with text messaging. You can receive account alerts and send a text to view account balance or history.

Are There Guidelines for Creating Account "Nicknames"?

During enrollment, you are given the option of providing "nicknames" for your accounts. Choosing an appropriate nickname is especially important if you use the SMS text service for Mobile Money, because your HIST inquiries use the nickname. For this reason, the nickname should be as short as possible; Max is 10 characters, but fewer than 5 is recommended.

Is Mobile Money Secure?

Yes! To ensure the safety and privacy of your account information, we provide numerous key security features in MOBILE MONEY:

  • A personal password and phone activation code keeps your information safe.

  • Unique Activation Code — We send you a unique activation code to verify your phone number. This code associates your mobile phone with your account. This verification also lets you know your mobile phone number has been successfully registered in our system. 

  • Authentication — You are authenticated for every interaction with Mobile Banking.

  • Encryption — We use 128-bit encryption for all transactions.

  • Fraud Detection — We incorporate mechanisms such as transaction validation and transaction reconciliation processes to detect fraud. 

  • Auditability — We provide full audit capabilities through event logs and event-based reporting.

  • No Identifiable Information — We don’t return any personally identifiable information in a text message, such as your full account number, e-mail address, or personal address. We never ask for or include your user ID or password in any message we send.