Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry

Branch Closures

Our thoughts are with our members, employees, and families in the aftermath of Barry.

All BRECO facilities will resume normal operations on Monday, July 15, 2019.

We will continue to monitor weather conditions and update accordingly. Please check here for updates, or follow us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Account Access

We apologize for any inconvenience branch closures may cause, but still have several ways for you to access your accounts:

  • Mobile Banking: Use your BRECO mobile app to view your accounts, transfer funds, make check deposits, and more!

  • Online Banking: With your online banking, you can view your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, view your account statements, and more! If you don’t have online banking, enroll online today or give us a call at 225-273-1529.

  • Shared Branching: As a member of BRECO, you have access to over 5,000 shared branches located throughout the United States. These are Credit Union partners who provide their branches to grant you access to your BRECO accounts. You can make deposits and withdrawals, make transfers, obtain check withdrawals, make loan payments, and more. Click here or text your current ZIP location to 91989 to find shared branches near you.

  • Free ATMs: BRECO is part of a vast ATM network, with over 70,000 surcharge free ATMs located throughout the United States. Click here to find a free ATM near you.

Preparing for the Storm

Here are some tips to ensure you’re better prepared:

  • Have Cash on Hand: There are several free ATM options for BRECO members. Check out all the details under the “Account Access” section above.

  • Look Into Your Rewards Programs: Check to see if you have any available rewards points to redeem for a hotel stay; this can ease the impact of evacuation on your budget. Log into your uChoose Rewards to redeem.

  • Check Your Insurance Policies: Gather all necessary insurance paperwork and information including claim numbers and contacts.

  • Locate Shared Branches: Look for credit union shared branches in your evacuation area. Check out the “Account Access” section above for details.

  • Ensure you have BRECO’s online account access options: Make sure that you download the mobile app and enroll in online banking as soon as possible if you don’t have access currently. Check out the “Account Access” section above to get started.

  • Gas Up: Have your car ready with a full tank of gas.

  • Power Up: Buy candles, batteries, and flashlights in case of an electrical outage. Don’t forget to charge your cell phone and power banks!

  • Gather Food & Water: Stock up on drinking water and fill your tubs with water in advance. This can be used to flush toilets in the event that water service is lost. Make sure you have a manual can opener and food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. A propane gas stove or BBQ pit will also help during a power outage!

  • Prepare to Keep Things Cool: Fill your ice chest with ice. You can also put plastic zipper bags or containers filled with water in your freezer now to have extra water.

  • Put Safety First: Have a first aid kit handy. Gather any first aid supplies you have, and place them somewhere elevated. Stick a few clean towels or cloths with it. If possible, place everything in a water proof container. If staying home during the storm, avoid any glass windows.

  • Grab a Shovel or Rake: Check the ditches and drains around your house. If possible, clean all of the debris away from the drains and ditches to help the water flow.

  • Plan Activities: Locate some games and activities that don't require electricity to keep the family busy.

  • Place Essentials in Water Proof Storage: Put your paper items into a plastic zipper bag. Items to collect and store include check books, loose checks, birth certificates, Social Security Cards, and bank cards/statements.

  • Protect Your House: If evacuating from a flood prone area, unplug all electronics and move to higher shelves where possible. Sandbag the door if you are able, and take any valuables with you if you can fit them.

After the Storm

We hope for the best, but here are some helpful links to prepare for the worst:

  • Getting the most from your Homeowners Insurance

  • Summary of Federal Aid for Flood Victims

  • Red Cross Flood Relief Page - learn about resources available to flood victims

  • SSA Emergency Information Page - learn how to access Social Security Administration services during an emergency

  • Disaster Assistance from - provides disaster survivors with information, support services, and a means to access and apply for disaster assistance through a variety of partners

  • FEMA Information for Property Owners - a variety of information for property owners with flood insurance policies

  • FEMA Claims Handbook - instructions for property owners with flood insurance on filing a claim with FEMA

  • Lost Document Recovery - Listing of resources to obtain copies of documents that may have been destroyed

    *Notice to members regarding insurance proceeds: In cases where BRECO FCU has a secured interest in property, including vehicles, RVs, trailers, real estate, etc., insurance checks may be made payable jointly to you and to BRECO Federal Credit Union. We may not make the proceeds immediately available. You should contact us at 225-273-1529 for instructions on how to endorse the check, and to find out about any holds that may be placed on the proceeds.